Battlefield - Episode 005

November 6, 2016

General Guyble - Battlefield (Episode 005)

This is the fifth Episode of "Battlefield". A Hardstyle Podcast presented by General Guyble in cooperation with

This months Episode of Battlefield is very Hardcore driven containing a total of three tracks from that genre. First Battlefield Episode No. 5 starts with my new release "Make This Country Great Again". Furthermore, I received that nice Dope Monkeys Rawstyle Edit of Brennan Heart - F.I.F.O. which I obviously played.

After all the great feedback on my latest remix of TAI & Le Shuuk - Unicorn I decided to play it once again.

Well, grab a drink and turn it Upppppp!!!

This Podcast is focused on presenting new Hardstyle releases by upcoming producers. General Guyble's Battlefield will be premiered every first Friday of the month at 11.00 pm CEST on

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01. General Guyble - Battlefield Intro
02. General Guyble - Make This Country Great Again
03. Imperium - Dying Stars
04. Deluzion - Fckn Crmnl
05. Chain Reaction - Mad As Hell
06. Fanatics - Whatup
07. Enemy Contact - Fear
08. Kataklism - Total Destruction
09. Van Bass-10 & Phil DK - Realm Of Superior (Official Insane Anthem)
10. Rebelion - Rawfare (D-Sturb Remix)
11. Brennan Heart - F.I.F.O. (Dope Monkeys Raw Edit)
12. Apexx & Caine - Sweaty Baws
13. Outbreak - Sounds Of The Night
14. TAI & Le Shuuk - Unicorn (General Guyble Remix)
15. Nutty T & Vigor - That Sound
16. Major Lazer - Original Don feat. The Partysquad (ID Remix)
17. Rebelion - Hardset MF
18. Nocturnal Ritual - Mind Bender
19. Javi Boss - Control
20. D-Fence - Pompen

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