Battlefield - Episode 008

February 6, 2017

General Guyble - Battlefield (Episode 008)

This is the eighth Episode of "Battlefield". A Hardstyle Podcast presented by General Guyble in cooperation with


Welcome to the 8th Episode of General Guyble's Battlefield Raw Hardstyle Podcast.

This Episode is a little different than what you're used to. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, there have been so many really good Reverse Bass tracks released in the last month. Second and most important: Finally we'll see a change in the raw hardstyle genre. Producers seem to get back to be more "musical". For a while everybody was dropping tracks with the most distorted Kicks and screeches, but lots of tracks have been music some musical/melodic element, which made them appear a little bit generic. Lately, we'll see a change. In the scene people started to call it rawphoric. A blend between raw and euphoric Hardstyle. Well doesn't matter what they call it, as long as Hardstyle over all gets as cool as it used to be, we all be happy.

This Episode starts with my new track "Religion", which is available in all streaming portals and as a free download here:

I'd highly appreciate, if you share the track with your friends or just add it into your playlists on spotify.

Furthermore, you'll hear new tracks by Audiofreq, Alphaverb, Bluxter, Clockartz, Krowdexx and many more. The last track is a Hardcore track by OCC a duo from Holland, which is very creative and different stuff, than most Hardcore artists. You should check them out.

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01. General Guyble - Battlefield Intro
02. General Guyble - Religion
03. Francesco Zeta - Skizophrenia
04. Audiofreq - Timebomb
05. Mystical Mind - Kaleidoscope
06. Betavoice - Karma
07. Concept Art - Playing With Fire
08. Alphaverb , Aeros & Blackburn Ft. MC Shocker - Mzktrs
09. Soulless - Your Soul Is Mine
10. BluXter ft. Faye - Ready To Fight
11. Artifact - Temple
12. Clockartz - In The Army
13. Wild Motherfuckers - Alarma
14. Krowdexx & Enemy Contact - Get Paid
15. Invector - Extreme Aggression
16. Necrosis - Incediary
17. Stereotuners - All We Had
18. Kensington - Sorry (OCC Bootleg)

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