Battlefield - Episode 011

May 8, 2017

General Guyble - Battlefield Episode 011



Welcome to the 11th Episode of General Guyble's Battlefield Raw Hardstyle Podcast. This months Episode is very raw. Lots of new and interesting tracks have been released.

This show starts with General Guyble's upcoming release "White Flag" which he produced with the dutch/welsh duo Point Blank. You'll also hear General Guyble's bootleg remix of "Major Lazer feat. The Partysquad - Original Don". Which has been played all over the world for more than 6 months. Now it's finally accessible for the public.

Moreover you'll hear tracks by Endymion, Bass Chaserz, Nightfall, D-Sturb and many more. This Episode ends with two Hardcore tracks. One is "StereoType - Hit Me". The second one is a Hardcore artist from Germany "Evolution - Maniac". This track was released on the new german Hardcore label Dequinox. Lots of good music on that label. Check it out and show some love!

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01. General Guyble - Battlefield Intro
02. General Guyble & Point Blank - White Flag
03. Endymion & Bass Chaserz - Jump The F’ck Up
04. Van Bass-10 & Phil DK - The Chosen One
05. Alpha2 & Outbreak - Raise Your Voice
06. Brutality - On You
07. Dark Pact - Saying
08. Nightfall & Deluzion - Maniacs
09. Activator ft. K-Projekt - Domination (Delete Remix)
10. BeatFreak - Reincarnation
11. High Voltage & Titan - Death Is Coming (Degos & Re-Done Remix)
12. D-Sturb - Marked For Death
13. RADI - The End
14. Thyron - How It's Done
15. Major Lazer ft. Partysquad - Original Don (General Guyble Remix)
16. StereoType - Hit Me
17. Evolution - Maniac

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